Tribute to SABRAS

Standing on my tippy toes so he could see me behind the counter. “One slice please ” I call out above the loud chatter emanating from the crowds. My Mom and Sister  are sitting a few feet away enjoying a pizza lunch and I’m on slice number 2. “One dollar” he says, giving me a wink.

Day 3-The End!

They say that if your kid hates a certain food you should just keep serving it until the kid acquires a taste for it. I think there are even grown up foods like coffee, sushi, wine that you need to try several times until you get accustomed to the taste and then you can’t live

Day 2 Juicing-Almost there!

Okay, last night was hard. After drinking my 9pm almond date mixture I went to sleep full only to feel that aching gnawing hunger pain at 3am. But when I woke 2.5 lbs lighter (I know, I know, it’s water weight) I was very pleased. In fact I felt quite energetic. 8am-Had coffee and my

Day One Juicing-I survived

So after a month long binge fest at some of the finest Kosher establishments in NY, I needed to detox. Juicing is all the rage so naturally I turned to facebook to ask for guidance which led me to this brooklyn local called “The Jus Bar” (coming soon to the Five Towns) where they specialize

The Logo Design Process

An apple with a bite out of it is instantly recognizable — but delivering a logo with such iconic potential is more complicated than simply going from A to B. In fact, the road to a killer logo is often times a windy path. Take a look at this great infographic outline of the logo

My Favorite Campaign

I LOVE THIS ONE! Every night of Chanukah Jen K posted one of these ….she told her fans that on day 8 there will be a special “lucky girl giveaway” and sure enough on Day 8 she asked her fans to guess which night are she giving away. This campaign increased Jen K Designs fan

After Sandyhook- Bubble-wrapping Our Kids

When my firstborn daughter arrived in this world, it was only 2 months after 9-11. I remember thinking “What kind of world am I bringing a human being into?” 11 years, 3 more children later I still have those thoughts after every senseless horrific tragedy that befalls our fragile world. From mumbai, to Itamar, to

Sandy’s Haves & Have Nots

Sandy left in her wake much more than destruction, flooding, fallen trees, lack of power and gas and worst of all loss of life. During the aftermath of this historical storm Sandy left behind the haves and have not’s…those who have a warm home with electricity and internet and those who don’t. Those who have

A Sukkah Decorating Story

The Jewish holiday of Sukkot was always a favorite of mine growing up. I distinctively remember my Mom draping the four Sukkah walls with white sheets and covering every conceivable surface with tinsley decor in greens and reds and gold. These were disposable and no doubt intended for Christmas, especially the bright flashing lights we

Making Central Avenue Look Good!

I love having local clients for many reasons. I love personally getting to know my clients and developing a relationship with them. I love the fact that I not only know their target audience, but I am also their target audience. I love being able to see my client’s growth. And I love being available

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