The Missing Cat-A Graphic Design Job

Shannon (the secretary) lost her cat and asked David (the graphic designer) to help with a lost poster. This is their email correspondence… From: Shannon Date: Monday 21 June 2010 9.15am To: David Subject: Poster Hi I opened the screen door yesterday and my cat got out and has been missing since then so I


About half of all businesses fail within their first few years. One source of failure that is commonly cited by experts is sloppy or ineffective marketing. If your marketing materials do not stand out from those of your competitors, your sales will suffer. The initial lack of customers and cash flow often causes new small


Regardless of what your business engages in, either a service or product, it’s a great idea to have an established Facebook fan page. To do this, you need an internet connection. Ideally, you’ll have a secure connection so that your passwords can be protected. If you look into the earthlink internet prices, you can look

Spice it Up: Making Your Facebook Fan Page Interactive

Reprinted from The whole point of a Facebook fan page for your business is to be interactive with your audience on their level. To do this, just signing up for a Facebook fan page and leaving it at that just isn’t good enough. In fact, with a little interactive options on your Facebook for

Announcing One-On-One Computer Training

It started out as a favor…my friends and acquaintances want to know how to edit a photograph, how to resize an image, how to create a folder….next thing I knew I was carefully teaching the basics of graphic design…the difference between JPEGS and GIF’s and why print must be 300DPI….and loving it! If this all

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