Purim is my favorite holiday for so many reasons. Everyone is happy (thanks to the abundance of wine) and we get to dress up and get creative. For me coming up with my yearly theme and putting together shaloch manot to go with it is one of the highlights where I get to use my graphic design skills on myself for a change.

Candyland 2015 

This postcard was mailed to everyone inviting them to come and get candy and hotdogs!



With 2014 debut of the incredible Movie Frozen and my kids obsession with it it was only natural we use that as our theme.
Below are a few pix of the snowflake cupcakes, the “melted snow” water bottle and personalized chocolate and marshmallow snow.



side view                                                 top view




Of course we can’t forget the postcard…

Toy Story 2013

That year my then 3 year old was obsessed with Woody and Jessie so we all dressed up as characters from the movie.

Our Shaloch Manot included a Toy story bag filled with candy legos, potato head chips, a duck pez dispenser and a buzz water bottle.

And of course a custom postcard wishing all a happy purim!

Doc McStuffins Theme 2012

That year our then 4 year old was obsessed with Doc McStuffins…so a medical theme was in order!

Our Shaloch Manot had an emergency kit complete with pill shaped cookies, a shot pen and bandaid playing cards (from oriental trading) a pill bottle with pill candies, lollies and a prescription pad for a happy purim!

Summer Theme 2011

After a brutal winter I decided that year to put together a summer theme complete with a sunny yellow pale, a can of soda with a hawaiin shirt, sunglasses, a fan, a sunny cookie and an orange.

This was the accompanied poem.

Got Milk Theme 2010

This theme was a play on “got milk?” with homemade cookies, chocolate milk, milky way and a Milky

Here is the postcard. This was lots of fun to make!

There are so many creative ways to give Shaloch Manot. Of course it admittedly helps to have photoshop skills to create all the labels and graphics. You can research online for pre-made labels or you can  have a graphic designer (like myself) help you out. Most importantly purim is about letting loose and having fun!
Stay tuned for this years pix!

Happy Purim!.

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