Sharon Beck entered my office three months ago with apprehension. She self admittedly didn’t know much about social media marketing. Her only experience was the occasional post on her personal facebook page. She never used Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter and frankly the idea of it made her nervous. What she did have was a great domain name ( and a great idea-to offer high end kosher private chef services nationwide. Sharon had an amazing idea, she just needed help getting it out there.

According to Sharon, her business is primarily a word of mouth business. A satisfied customer tells her friend and that friend contacts Sharon. After many years of growing through referrals, Sharon was ready to grow nationwide. With all her connections throughout the country built through the 20 years of experience in the food industry her and her chef husband (Jay Beck) share, she knew she could do it.

We started with a logo….all things start there. She wanted modern, high end, clean just like the services she plans on offering. We came up with a few choices and she chose this one.


Next we worked on the website. We kept it clean and visual because that is how food should be portrayed. We made sure to add all her new social media icons and her new mailing list sign up. In the past Sharon emailed her clients from her private email the latest menu for the holidays. We set her up with, an email marketing service that is far more attractive and professional and keeps track of how many actually opened her email.

I taught Sharon the basics of Facebook/Instagram marketing and we launched her new page with an amazing giveaway that we knew would get traction. As predicted it brought her several hundred fans and a lot of attention. We connected her Instagram to facebook so that she could post once and share on facebook. This serves to kill two social birds with one stone. In addition we connected facebook to twitter so that her twitter was being updated without any effort. Three social birds with one stone.

Once Sharon got comfortable with Instagram and Facebook, delicious and interesting images were being posted by her daily. Naturally she got great feedback which only emboldened her further. I promised her a few months back that if things go well, she will become obsessed with posting and sharing and Sharon found that to be true. It is a very satisfying feeling to share your thoughts and work and have people take notice. Although Sharon understood that growing your fans is a daily job that requires constant creativity and effort, the feedback and interest after every picture she posted was encouraging.

Today, only three short months after making the decision to makeover her logo/website and utilize social media, Sharon Beck’s business is booming. She is getting calls from all over the country from California to Miami and everywhere in between. She is being approached daily by chef’s from all over the country who are interested in being part of her team. Social Media has changed her business from being referral based to reaching an endless market of clients. Her attractive professional site that comes up when people google Kosher Private Chef only adds to her credibility and her attractive posts on Facebook and Instagram of all her latest dishes entices people to inquire.

Her next step is to continue building her brand  with creative posts, informative blogs and continuous marketing. We wish her and her team all the success in the world! We know with her passion and culinary talents, there is nowhere to go but up.

Instagram: @kosherprivatechef


Nov 13, 2013 / Blog / Client Spotlight

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