Purim is my favorite hol­i­day for so many rea­sons. Every­one is hap­py (thanks to the abun­dance of wine) and we get to dress up and get cre­ative. For me com­ing up with my year­ly theme and putting togeth­er shaloch man­ot to go with it is one of the high­lights where I get to use my graph­ic design skills on myself for a change.

Candyland 2015 

This post­card was mailed to every­one invit­ing them to come and get can­dy and hot­dogs!



With 2014 debut of the incred­i­ble Movie Frozen and my kids obses­sion with it it was only nat­ur­al we use that as our theme.
Below are a few pix of the snowflake cup­cakes, the “melt­ed snow” water bot­tle and per­son­al­ized choco­late and marsh­mal­low snow.



side view                                                 top view




Of course we can’t for­get the post­card…

Toy Story 2013

That year my then 3 year old was obsessed with Woody and Jessie so we all dressed up as char­ac­ters from the movie.

Our Shaloch Man­ot includ­ed a Toy sto­ry bag filled with can­dy legos, pota­to head chips, a duck pez dis­penser and a buzz water bot­tle.

And of course a cus­tom post­card wish­ing all a hap­py purim!

Doc McStuffins Theme 2012

That year our then 4 year old was obsessed with Doc McStuffins…so a med­ical theme was in order!

Our Shaloch Man­ot had an emer­gency kit com­plete with pill shaped cook­ies, a shot pen and bandaid play­ing cards (from ori­en­tal trad­ing) a pill bot­tle with pill can­dies, lol­lies and a pre­scrip­tion pad for a hap­py purim!

Summer Theme 2011

After a bru­tal win­ter I decid­ed that year to put togeth­er a sum­mer theme com­plete with a sun­ny yel­low pale, a can of soda with a hawai­in shirt, sun­glass­es, a fan, a sun­ny cook­ie and an orange.

This was the accom­pa­nied poem.

Got Milk Theme 2010

This theme was a play on “got milk?” with home­made cook­ies, choco­late milk, milky way and a Milky

Here is the post­card. This was lots of fun to make!

There are so many cre­ative ways to give Shaloch Man­ot. Of course it admit­ted­ly helps to have pho­to­shop skills to cre­ate all the labels and graph­ics. You can research online for pre-made labels or you can  have a graph­ic design­er (like myself) help you out. Most impor­tant­ly purim is about let­ting loose and hav­ing fun!
Stay tuned for this years pix!

Hap­py Purim!.

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