So a week ago I get an email from Kiss & Make­up telling me that as a thank you they want to give me and a select few, a free Eye­brow Shap­ing and gift on May 11. I’m thinking…that’s so nice! Maybe because I’m their web design­er and they appre­ci­ate all my good work….. Either way I was pleased. I set up an appoint­ment for 4:15pm on that day know­ing I had a 2:30pm appt with my ENT to fig­ure out what’s up with my lost voice. Three weeks before I had lost my voice and it nev­er came back.
I go to my Dr. and am told I have nod­ules on my vocal chords and if I ever want a nor­mal voice again I need to “shut up” and let my voice rest. The Dr. made it clear that this was seri­ous busi­ness and if I don’t behave I may need voice ther­a­py. So when I entered K&M lit­er­al­ly straight from my Dr. appoint­ment I was deter­mined take his advice and not talk. Besides how much talk­ing do you need to do when get­ting waxed. I brought my iphone and used my iphone notepad to inform the brow lady that I have laryn­gi­tis so she doesn’t think I’m rude. (eas­i­er to explain than voice nod­ules.)
So I sit myself down and she begins to tweeze my brows. In walks a girl with very hor­ri­ble burns or scars on the right side of her face. She seemed upset so I assumed these scars must have hap­pened recent­ly and she wasn’t born that way. I over­heard the stores make­up artist telling her she can cov­er it up for her. Sup­pos­ed­ly she had a date and the girl looked very teary and relieved that it can be cov­ered up. I felt bad for her and did my best not to stare or seem nosy.
The make­up artist sud­den­ly puts on gloves and the girl asked “Why gloves? I’m not con­ta­gious”. I couldn’t believe it when I heard the make­up artist answer “I’m sor­ry, I can’t take any risks with that nasty thing.”
At this point hav­ing no voice was real­ly frus­trat­ing because I want­ed to smack her or at least loud­ly rep­ri­mand her. Thank­ful­ly, a very out­spo­ken ran­dom cus­tomer spoke up and yelled at the make­up artist. I kept look­ing around to see if the own­er was hear­ing this….how can she allow this? But she was nowhere to be found.
“What do you want me to do? She looks hor­ri­ble! It needs to be cov­ered!” The Artist kept say­ing. “Do you want me to help you or not?!” She yelled at the poor girl. At some point the make­up artist walked away and the out­spo­ken lady assured the girl she’s beau­ti­ful. She actu­al­ly was beau­ti­ful, and I wrote on my iphone “Laryn­gi­tus, I agree!!” so that she under­stand why I am so qui­et, and I kept mouthing to her “you are beau­ti­ful. Don’t let her get to you.”
When the make­up artist returned she obnox­ious­ly asked the poor girl to leave if she doesn’t want her help.
Hor­ri­fied, I quick­ly typed on my iphone ” Your make­up artist was obnox­ious!!! She made that girl feel hor­rid!!!” and jumped out of my chair to find the own­er. I ran to the back room and didn’t care any­more that I had to be qui­et. “you have to do some­thing!” I shout­ed.
Well guess what???? It was all an act! Yes, we were on “What would you do?” with John Quinones. LOL!!!!
The cam­eras came out and that out­spo­ken lady was shocked! They pro­ceed to inter­view her on her reac­tion. She was actu­al­ly great! After that they inter­viewed me for my reac­tion, hoarse voice and all, and I showed them my iphone note mes­sages which amused them. I doubt I made it on the show as I heard there were quite a few dra­mat­ic reac­tions which with my lack of vocal chords, I lacked.
But how crazy and iron­ic is this sto­ry?! The day I need­ed a voice most of all to yell at that hor­rid make­up artist, I lost mine! But in the end I’m glad to know that when faced with a sit­u­a­tion like this, even with Laryn­gi­tis or nod­ules, I did try to help that poor girl.

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