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The whole point of a Face­book fan page for your busi­ness is to be inter­ac­tive with your audi­ence on their lev­el. To do this, just sign­ing up for a Face­book fan page and leav­ing it at that just isn’t good enough. In fact, with a lit­tle inter­ac­tive options on your Face­book for busi­ness fan page you can start con­nect­ing on a high­er lev­el than ever before with your tar­get audi­ence. The whole point is to keep them involved and com­ing back for more. Here are some ideas:

Specials, Offers and Discounts

One sure­fire way to keep peo­ple vis­it­ing you Face­book fan page is to offer spe­cials and dis­counts to your Face­book fans. This can be done in a spe­cial tab designed sole­ly for these offers or it can be done on your Wel­come page. What­ev­er tab you decide you use to make these offers, it should be designed to be appeal­ing to the eye and it should be fresh. Mean­ing that you should make new offers and dis­counts avail­able often.

Encourage Fans to Share

One of the eas­i­est ways to encour­age shar­ing is by talk­ing to your fans, ask­ing ques­tions and shar­ing insights that are valu­able to them on your Face­book wall which will ulti­mate­ly show up in your fans’ news feeds. You can also ask for sto­ries, pic­tures and infor­ma­tion from your fans. This high­ly inter­ac­tive prac­tice means you are not only gath­er­ing valu­able infor­ma­tion for your com­pa­ny, but you are cre­at­ing a Face­book com­mu­ni­ty. For exam­ple, say you are a com­pa­ny that focus­es on a prod­uct for kids. Cre­ate a tab where fans of your Face­book page can actu­al­ly upload pic­tures of their tykes using your prod­uct.


Who doesn’t like to win some­thing? Run­ning var­i­ous con­tests on your Face­book fan page is an excel­lent way to get fans com­ing back for more. Cre­ate a Con­test tab where you can run month­ly con­tests for your fans. Give away some­thing small to the win­ners and make the con­tests fun. Con­sid­er redesign­ing your Con­test tab often to keep it fresh and to match each indi­vid­ual con­test. This will make for a well round­ed and fun user expe­ri­ence.

Be Creative

When it comes to Face­book, the sky is the lim­it, keep think­ing of new ways to inter­act with your Face­book fans. Remem­ber, big or small, any inter­ac­tion on Face­book with your fans is a way to gen­er­ate more busi­ness and inter­est for your com­pa­ny..

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