So I hear there are some who are mak­ing wagers whether our new Pup­py Peanut will make it past the first few weeks in the Wein­stein home. Already there is a wait­ing list of eager fam­i­lies inter­est­ed in tak­ing her off our hands if we change our mind. I don’t blame the doubters since only two years ago we brought home anoth­er Pup­py, whom we named Dex­ter after the TV show char­ac­ter (yeah I know, pret­ty weird to name a dog after a mur­der­er) and with­in one week we gave him to anoth­er fam­i­ly who love him to pieces.

(Video of get­ting our last dog)

So why may you won­der are we attempt­ing this again?

Well last Thurs­day, the first day of Chol Hamoed Pesach we were debat­ing between Great Adven­ture (too cold) and Intre­pid Muse­um. As we head towards the car to go to the Intre­pid (a bor­ing choice in my view) I whis­per to my hus­band, who is adamant­ly against get­ting a dog “Let’s get a dog.The kids have been beg­ging for years and it would make the best Afiko­man gift. Besides I hate the Intre­pid!”

He gives me that look. You know that ‘leave me alone about get­ting a dog. I’m not inter­est­ed. no way. it’s a huge respon­si­bil­i­ty and I know I’ll end up doing the work and besides it’s prob­a­bly your ADD mak­ing you want to get a dog right now…tomorrow you will get bored and want some­thing else.’ He didn’t say that but I know he meant that. So I plead­ed. “C’mon..let’s just do it! A dog brings such life to a home and teach­es kids respon­si­bil­i­ty. Let’s be spon­ta­neous and crazy! Let’s do it!”

I could tell he was suc­cumb­ing espe­cial­ly when he grabbed a note­book and pen and start­ed fran­ti­cal­ly writ­ing a con­tract between him and me absolv­ing him from all duties and respon­si­bil­i­ties relat­ed to the dog. If I signed it then he agrees. So I did what any moti­vat­ed, deter­mined type per­son with ADD would do (I was get­ting bored of plead­ing and want­ed to win.)
I sign.

So off we went to The Pup­py Store (that’s what it’s called) in Mer­rick, owned by our friends Rob and Bughi Lawrence of Wood­mere. There are lots of places you can buy a pup­py from such as VIP Pup­pies, but this is where we chose to get our pup­py from as our friends could guide us. The rest is his­to­ry. We find our new addi­tion, a caramel 10 week old pup­py, part Shitzu and part Poo­dle. We gasp at the price (pup­pies can run over 1K) and at the amount and cost of sup­plies you need. We lis­ten to the instruc­tions on how to crate train it and we head home. Hub­bie, true to the con­tract remained in the car dur­ing this 2 hour excur­sion. (On anoth­er note our expe­ri­ence at The Pup­py Store was first rate and their dogs only come from breed­ers. High­ly rec­om­mend!)

The kids, in dog­gie heav­en, right away take to her and play with Peanut (named iron­i­cal­ly due to the Peanut aller­gies in our house and it doesn’t hurt the pup­py looks like a peanut.) (Yes we are crazy). Then our new Shih-poo Shipoo’s on our floor. Deep breath. It’s okay…she’s new and it’s our fault for let­ting her out of the crate. (Sup­pos­ed­ly dogs don’t poop where they sleep.) So the next few days I attempt as best I could to hold by the rigid crate train­ing sched­ule which seems a bit inhu­mane leav­ing a pup­py so long in a crate, but sup­pos­ed­ly it works. I had to wake up at 3am one night when the pup­py couldn’t hold it in and peed in his crate. Anoth­er night I checked on pup­py at 3am, wor­ried he was too qui­et. But oth­er than that, she quick­ly caught on and with­in a few days was using the wee wee pad exclu­sive­ly and sleep­ing through the night. I was thrilled! I thought it was def­i­nite­ly time to pur­chase some wash­able dog dia­pers.

It doesn’t hurt that she is incred­i­bly cute and play­ful. I found myself real­ly melt­ing. This time around, I thought, we will ride through the begin­ning chal­lenges of hav­ing a pup­py and soon enough she will be a full mem­ber of the Wein­stein fam­i­ly, fol­low­ing us around, wag­ging her tail when she greets us and doing all sorts of tricks. Yes, I could already see this all hap­pen­ing…

And then the hon­ey­moon end­ed.

Pesach is final­ly over so it’s time to take her to the Vet. If we use the Pup­py Store’s rec­om­mend­ed Vet than there is a host of ben­e­fits we get, like first vac­cine free, first vis­it free, dis­counts and all sick vis­its med­ica­tion free for first 5 years. So it’s a no brain­er that is the Vet we will use. But there is one slight problem…it’s far. As in 45 min­utes away far. To some that may not be a big deal…but to me, some­one who charges by the hour and would rather shop local than dri­ve any­where else even if I can get bet­ter selec­tion and prices else­where, well it’s a big deal. But I load up my car with my 3 girls (off from school), the dog and all the stuff I need for Peanut. (her crate, wee wee pad, leash, stool sam­ple (yuck!), paper­work, toy…) I tru­ly felt like I have a new baby. She sure loves her pup­py toys — can’t go any­where with­out them in fact! It’s fun to watch her get excit­ed play­ing with them and so, as any good pet own­er would, I have no prob­lem buy­ing them for her.

The ride was going well, my mood was alright con­sid­er­ing the long dri­ve, we were 10 min­utes away when.….Peanut gets car­sick and pukes all over my daugh­ter thus caus­ing my youngest daugh­ter to throw up too! What’s worst is the dog’s throw up land­ed not only all over my daugh­ter but in crevices in the car that is 100% impos­si­ble to clean! I silent­ly thanked the lord my lease is up in a month..but still…grosssssssss!

Deep breath.…

We get there and I imme­di­ate­ly ask the Vet sec­re­tary for clean­ing sup­plies and near­ly puk­ing myself I try to clean the car but like I said…not gonna ful­ly hap­pen.
We then sit in the wait­ing room sur­round­ed by at least anoth­er 8 dogs and their very ded­i­cat­ed own­ers all talk­ing like their dog is their baby. It’s a weird feel­ing see­ing all these humans who tru­ly love their pets like their own. I won­der if I will turn into that..I am def­i­nite­ly not there yet. I mean I think Peanut is adorable, but I have 4 real kids I hard­ly have patience for…

Any­way, it’s our turn and Peanut was a troop­er brave­ly tak­ing his shots with­out even a whim­per. The vet begins telling me about heart­worms and flees and how to avoid them by giv­ing her this and that. My eyes begin to glaze…it’s a lot of info. I hard­ly remem­ber to give my own kids vit­a­mins and for­get the flouride I was sup­posed to give them when they were babies.…will I be able to do this? She asks if I have any ques­tions. “Yes” I quick­ly say. “This vis­its free right? and the vac­cine free right?” She assures me it is. Phew!

As I check out I am hand­ed 6 months sup­ply of Heart­worm and flee stuff and a big bill.…$270!!! What? Turns out only one of the three vac­cines are free, and pre­ven­ta­tive meds ($130 worth) are not free and nei­ther is the $48 poop test. I’m also told I have to return in two weeks for anoth­er vac­cine and then again two weeks later.….I’m men­tal­ly cal­cu­lat­ing whether the mon­ey I save is worth the hours of my time dri­ving back and forth. I knew that I’d have to buy some figo pet insur­ance for her too but luck­i­ly I found a cheap quote which saved me a bit of mon­ey.

I return to my stinky car in a real­ly bad mood. It doesn’t help that I start­ed Juic­ing today and am feel­ing grumpy from lack of sol­id food. I insist Peanut stay in her crate this time in case she gets car­sick again…which she does, all over her­self and my car. (It went through the crate!)

I’m still 20 min­utes from home and peanut is cry­ing because, well she’s sit­ting in her own throw up which can’t be too pleas­ant.

So there you have it…the cold hard real­i­ties of hav­ing a dog in case my adorable pho­tos make you wan­na go out and get one.

But don’t get too excit­ed yet… (yes I’m talk­ing to all you naysay­ers out there). I am deter­mined to per­se­vere and fall in love with this pup­py G-d damn it! This way per­haps, like all those cra­zies at the Vet, I too will not mind the mon­ey, the throw up, the poop etc. since the uncon­di­tion­al love and devo­tion, the unbri­dled joy, and cute­ness of hav­ing a dog will out­weigh that stuff. At least I hope that’s what hap­pens. In any case I am com­fort­ed in know­ing that as chal­leng­ing as these ear­ly weeks will get, it is still far eas­i­er and cheap­er than hav­ing anoth­er baby and at least they don’t talk back. So wel­come Peanut But­ter Wein­stein. You’re here to stay.

At least for anoth­er week..

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