The Missing Cat-A Graphic Design Job

Shan­non (the sec­re­tary) lost her cat and asked David (the graph­ic design­er) to help with a lost poster. This is their email cor­re­spon­dence… From: Shan­non Date: Mon­day 21 June 2010 9.15am To: David Sub­ject: Poster Hi I opened the screen door yes­ter­day and my cat got out and has been miss­ing since then so I


About half of all busi­ness­es fail with­in their first few years. One source of fail­ure that is com­mon­ly cit­ed by experts is slop­py or inef­fec­tive mar­ket­ing. If your mar­ket­ing mate­ri­als do not stand out from those of your com­peti­tors, your sales will suf­fer. The ini­tial lack of cus­tomers and cash flow often caus­es new small


Regard­less of what your busi­ness engages in, either a ser­vice or prod­uct, it’s a great idea to have an estab­lished Face­book fan page. To do this, you need an inter­net con­nec­tion. Ide­al­ly, you’ll have a secure con­nec­tion so that your pass­words can be pro­tect­ed. If you look into the earth­link inter­net prices, you can look

Spice it Up: Making Your Facebook Fan Page Interactive

Reprint­ed from The whole point of a Face­book fan page for your busi­ness is to be inter­ac­tive with your audi­ence on their lev­el. To do this, just sign­ing up for a Face­book fan page and leav­ing it at that just isn’t good enough. In fact, with a lit­tle inter­ac­tive options on your Face­book for

Announcing One-On-One Computer Training

It start­ed out as a favor…my friends and acquain­tances want to know how to edit a pho­to­graph, how to resize an image, how to cre­ate a folder….next thing I knew I was care­ful­ly teach­ing the basics of graph­ic design…the dif­fer­ence between JPEGS and GIF’s and why print must be 300DPI….and lov­ing it! If this all

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