Tribute to SABRAS

Stand­ing on my tip­py toes so he could see me behind the counter. “One slice please ” I call out above the loud chat­ter ema­nat­ing from the crowds. My Mom and Sis­ter  are sit­ting a few feet away enjoy­ing a piz­za lunch and I’m on slice num­ber 2. “One dol­lar” he says, giv­ing me a wink.

Day 3-The End!

They say that if your kid hates a cer­tain food you should just keep serv­ing it until the kid acquires a taste for it. I think there are even grown up foods like cof­fee, sushi, wine that you need to try sev­er­al times until you get accus­tomed to the taste and then you can’t live

Day 2 Juicing-Almost there!

Okay, last night was hard. After drink­ing my 9pm almond date mix­ture I went to sleep full only to feel that aching gnaw­ing hunger pain at 3am. But when I woke 2.5 lbs lighter (I know, I know, it’s water weight) I was very pleased. In fact I felt quite ener­getic. 8am-Had cof­fee and my

Day One Juicing-I survived

So after a month long binge fest at some of the finest Kosher estab­lish­ments in NY, I need­ed to detox. Juic­ing is all the rage so nat­u­ral­ly I turned to face­book to ask for guid­ance which led me to this brook­lyn local called “The Jus Bar” (com­ing soon to the Five Towns) where they spe­cial­ize

The Logo Design Process

An apple with a bite out of it is instant­ly rec­og­niz­able — but deliv­er­ing a logo with such icon­ic poten­tial is more com­pli­cat­ed than sim­ply going from A to B. In fact, the road to a killer logo is often times a windy path. Take a look at this great info­graph­ic out­line of the logo

My Favorite Campaign

I LOVE THIS ONE! Every night of Chanukah Jen K post­ed one of these ….she told her fans that on day 8 there will be a spe­cial “lucky girl give­away” and sure enough on Day 8 she asked her fans to guess which night are she giv­ing away. This cam­paign increased Jen K Designs fan

After Sandyhook- Bubble-wrapping Our Kids

When my first­born daugh­ter arrived in this world, it was only 2 months after 9–11. I remem­ber think­ing “What kind of world am I bring­ing a human being into?” 11 years, 3 more chil­dren lat­er I still have those thoughts after every sense­less hor­rif­ic tragedy that befalls our frag­ile world. From mum­bai, to Ita­mar, to

Sandy’s Haves & Have Nots

Sandy left in her wake much more than destruc­tion, flood­ing, fall­en trees, lack of pow­er and gas and worst of all loss of life. Dur­ing the after­math of this his­tor­i­cal storm Sandy left behind the haves and have not’s…those who have a warm home with elec­tric­i­ty and inter­net and those who don’t. Those who have

A Sukkah Decorating Story

The Jew­ish hol­i­day of Sukkot was always a favorite of mine grow­ing up. I dis­tinc­tive­ly remem­ber my Mom drap­ing the four Sukkah walls with white sheets and cov­er­ing every con­ceiv­able sur­face with tins­ley decor in greens and reds and gold. These were dis­pos­able and no doubt intend­ed for Christ­mas, espe­cial­ly the bright flash­ing lights we

Making Central Avenue Look Good!

I love hav­ing local clients for many rea­sons. I love per­son­al­ly get­ting to know my clients and devel­op­ing a rela­tion­ship with them. I love the fact that I not only know their tar­get audi­ence, but I am also their tar­get audi­ence. I love being able to see my client’s growth. And I love being avail­able

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