When busi­ness­es hire me to help grow their fol­low­ers on Insta­gram or Face­book they are doing this because they under­stand the val­ue of hav­ing the eye­balls of qual­i­ty poten­tial clients or cus­tomers view their posts. They cor­rect­ly under­stand that it’s not the quan­ti­ty but the qual­i­ty of their fol­low­ers that will ulti­mate­ly trans­late to dol­lar

40 Lessons I learned by 40

Wow! So grate­ful to be cel­e­brat­ing my 40th and at the same time fright­ened that if I blink…I’ll be writ­ing a blog about turn­ing 80. (That is if blogs still exist in 40 years). Because it tru­ly feels like only yes­ter­day I was a 20-year-old col­lege stu­dent work­ing in fash­ion and liv­ing pay­check to pay­check

Purim Themes

Purim is my favorite hol­i­day for so many rea­sons. Every­one is hap­py (thanks to the abun­dance of wine) and we get to dress up and get cre­ative. For me com­ing up with my year­ly theme and putting togeth­er shaloch man­ot to go with it is one of the high­lights where I get to use my

A Graphic Mistake….

I learned a valu­able les­son today, one that I always knew. One that I con­stant­ly advise my clients on a reg­u­lar basis. PROOFREAD and then PROOFREAD again. And when you are done…show it to some­one else and have them proof­read. Do not trust your writer, your design­er or even your­self. Let at least 3 sep­a­rate eyes

Puppy Diaries…The first week

So I hear there are some who are mak­ing wagers whether our new Pup­py Peanut will make it past the first few weeks in the Wein­stein home. Already there is a wait­ing list of eager fam­i­lies inter­est­ed in tak­ing her off our hands if we change our mind. I don’t blame the doubters since only

Best FB campaign

I always say this to my clients… when it comes to facebook/Instagram give­aways peo­ple love inter­ac­tion. So when Jus by Julie came out with a new fla­vor nat­u­ral­ly we set out to launch a name con­test. And boy was it a hit! We got hun­dreds of incred­i­ble sug­ges­tions and we cer­tain­ly went up in fans.

To Blog or not to Blog…..

by Stephanie Fras­co Guess what? If you aren’t blog­ging on a reg­u­lar basis, you are miss­ing out on a huge oppor­tu­ni­ty. In the chang­ing busi­ness envi­ron­ment that we live in, miss­ing out on some­thing could mean the dif­fer­ence in earn­ing more mon­ey, attract­ing new clients, get­ting more speak­ing gigs, or even that pro­mo­tion you’ve been

Client Spotlight: Kosher Private Chef

Sharon Beck entered my office three months ago with appre­hen­sion. She self admit­ted­ly didn’t know much about social media mar­ket­ing. Her only expe­ri­ence was the occa­sion­al post on her per­son­al face­book page. She nev­er used Insta­gram, Pin­ter­est or Twit­ter and frankly the idea of it made her ner­vous. What she did have was a great

A Hollywood Affair

THE THEME Now that I just fin­ished mak­ing my old­est daughter’s Bat Mitz­vah I would love to share some details of the behind the scenes of what went into design­ing the event, from con­cept to com­ple­tion. My daugh­ter Eliana is very into act­ing so nat­u­ral­ly it felt right to go with the hol­ly­wood theme. I

A picture speaks louder than words

by It’s a fact: pic­tures speak to us in ways that words nev­er will, right? For instance, here is what the Social Media Man­ag­er for flash sale trav­el site Jet­set­ter had to say about Pin­ter­est: “We were look­ing for a fun way to involve our com­mu­ni­ty to help us curate the world’s best trav­el

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