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I always say this to my clients… when it comes to facebook/Instagram give­aways peo­ple love inter­ac­tion. So when Jus by Julie came out with a new fla­vor nat­u­rally we set out to launch a name con­test. And boy was it a hit! We got hun­dreds of incred­i­ble sug­ges­tions and we cer­tainly went up in fans.

After we got all those names, the con­test didn’t end there…we went ahead and cre­ated a new con­test, ask­ing peo­ple to vote for their favorite name. And once again it was a huge hit. We went up may more fans and made our exist­ing fans feel good about help­ing us out.

Social media is all about interaction.Once you rec­og­nize that you will have no choice but to succeed!

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MLW is Movin’ on Up!


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Write a blog post that people want to read

Most blog­gers write to be read. If that’s your aim, you must cre­ate con­tent that your audi­ence loves reading.

Here are five meth­ods to write blog posts your read­ers will love:

1. Think Bite-Size

Blog posts come in all shapes and sizes. It’s not length that mat­ters but the value of the infor­ma­tion you share.

That said, as a gen­eral rule, you can pack more value into a long post.

How can you keep atten­tion for hun­dreds or thou­sands of words? Break down your arti­cle into bite-size chunks. The sim­plest way to do this is through head­ings and para­graph breaks. You can also break your arti­cle down into sto­ries.
I love this post!

2. Appeal to Visual Learners

Most blog posts these days include an image, but the more images you fea­ture, the more engag­ing your blog post. That is, as long as the images are rel­e­vant to what you’re writing.

You can use images to:

  • Tell a story
  • Con­vey a metaphor
  • Illus­trate your headline
  • Evoke emo­tion

As well as keep­ing read­ers engaged, images help visual learn­ers store away what you’re teach­ing them.

3. Find Out What Your Read­ers Want

Many blog­gers make the mis­take of assum­ing their blog is all about them. This is a mis­take because it’s only half the truth.

A blog is a com­mu­nity of inter­ac­tion between you, the writer, and your read­ers. If your read­ers don’t ben­e­fit from your blog, they’ll go else­where. There are plenty of other sites where they can find what they want.

So if you want to build a loyal tribe of read­ers, you must find out what your read­ers want. You can do this by:

  • Pay­ing atten­tion to their com­ments. What do they ask you about?
  • Ask­ing ques­tions in your blog posts.
  • Set­ting up a sur­vey, for exam­ple on MailChimp.

Reader feed­back is invalu­able. With it, you’ll flour­ish. With­out it, you’ll strug­gle to cre­ate engag­ing con­tent.

4. Open With a Hook

Most blog­gers these days know all about the impor­tance of writ­ing great head­lines. But how long do you spend craft­ing your hook?

Your hook is the open­ing sen­tence or para­graph of your blog post. It should arouse curios­ity and pull your read­ers in – oth­er­wise you’ve lost them before you’ve started.

Hooks can be:

  • A quote
  • A ques­tion
  • A fact
  • A state­ment of a prob­lem fac­ing the reader
  • A promise of what you will offer your read­ers in the article

    donate blood_via medical humor facebook page

5. Try the Reverse Pyra­mid Approach

The reverse pyra­mid is the struc­ture jour­nal­ists in news­rooms all around the world use when they need to ham­mer out an arti­cle fast.

To cre­ate a reverse pyra­mid, you top-load your arti­cle with the most impor­tant infor­ma­tion first.

Why would you do this? On the one hand, it increases your chances of los­ing a reader halfway through your arti­cle. On the other hand, it shows you care about your read­ers’ time. You’re help­ing them find the infor­ma­tion they need as quickly as possible.


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Bat Mitzvah Website

Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 11.34.21 AM

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Facebook/Instagram Campaign

1524776_241521186015385_118381153_n 995269_242563299244507_1431792349_naudreyVACATION

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