From geek to chic…my PC to Apple Journey

Hate to even pub­li­caly admit this but for the first 8 years of my graphic/web design life I was a PC girl. That’s right…so accus­tomed to PC was I from my col­lege days at YU when PC’s were still kinda at it’s early stages, that I stuck with IBM & Dell despite being aware that Apple was the way to go for my field. I suf­fered through crashes, viruses, excru­ti­at­ingly slow speeds. I lived with the hun­dreds of tan­gled wires offend­ing my sense of order. I had hours of work lost in a nano-second by a moody Dell that decided to freeze.

In 2009, it was time.  I needed a new com­puter. Although fear­full of change I decided to finally go Apple.

At first it was strange. Things work a bit dif­fer­ently and I had to relearn basic func­tions I was so used to. But I loved how I brought home my iMac and plugged it in and it just worked. No longer did I have a dozen attach­ments. No longer did I need a dozen out­lets. Every­thing I needed, from the processer to the iLife pro­grams, was beau­ti­fully included in the flat screen of my new iMac.  It was a piece of art and far cooler & sex­ier than my old PC.

Using my iMac was a plea­sure. Once I got the hang of every­thing I was blown away by the sheer sim­plic­ity and user friend­li­ness of it. And it was fast. I was able to dou­ble my work speed right away.

Now I will not lie to you, my iMac after a year of per­fec­tion started mis­be­hav­ing. Just like my PC, I had crashes & frozen screens that cost me a cou­ple of hours of work. But Apple stood behind their prod­uct and ended up giv­ing me a big­ger, faster replace­ment that I still use today. The cus­tomer ser­vice at Apple is incomparable.

Of course I got the iPhone when it first came out fol­lowed by the iPad. And nat­u­rally I needed the Mac­book for travel. Once you take a bite from the Apple there is no turn­ing back. But to me the extra cost of Apple prod­ucts is well worth it when you take into account the beauty, fuinc­tion­al­ity and ser­vice you receive. You get what you pay for with Apple.

Steve Jobs, founder of Apple once said: “Be a yard­stick of qual­ity. Some peo­ple aren’t used to an envi­ron­ment where excel­lence is expected.” It’s true and Steve’s legacy is a com­pany that strives to serve it’s cus­tomers with excel­lence while pro­vid­ing the best prod­ucts in the world.

Thank you Steve Jobs for chang­ing our lives with your inno­v­a­tive prod­ucts and may you rest in peace know­ing you took us from drab to fab, from geek to chic and from Flin­stones to Jet­sons all in a few short decades.

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