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Social Media is no longer a hobby. It’s a required tool for store owners.

by http://www.1choice4yourstore.com/july-2011-news.html

Social Media NewsDo you remem­ber the first time you heard the word social media? How about the first time you heard the name Face­book? Where were you when you heard about the first tweet?


No mat­ter where you were or how you heard about them, I bet you never imag­ined that you could be using these “tools” for your business.

Yet, social media has evolved and your cus­tomers are on Face­book, they are tweet­ing, they are blog­ging, they are read­ing blogs, they are watch­ing videos, and they are con­nect­ing with mul­ti­ple com­pa­nies every day.

Whether they watch the news, read the news­pa­per, or walk into their local stores… cus­tomers are being bom­barded with mes­sages to con­nect on Face­book and Twitter.

HUGE cor­po­ra­tions are pay­ing BIG money to pro­mote these con­nec­tions with new and exist­ing customers.

The prob­lem…

Many store own­ers are not doing their part to pro­mote their own Social Media oppurutnies.

The BIGGER problem…

Store own­ers are not tak­ing advan­tage of the con­nec­tions being made with the bil­lions of cus­tomers avail­able through Social Media.

Social Media MarketingThe solu­tion…

Every sin­gle email should include, “We would love to con­nect with you!” or “We would love to talk with you!” or “Want to con­nect with us and find out about great deals too?”

Whichever one you pick, include links to your Twit­ter, your Blog, your videos, your Face­book Page, and/or any other Social Media Plat­form you are using to con­nect with your customers.

Make sure the cus­tomer sees this infor­ma­tion in the con­fir­ma­tion email and the ship­ping sta­tus emails as well.

Remem­ber — It usu­ally takes 3 times see­ing a mes­sage before your cus­tomers respond or react to the mes­sages they are seeing.

The sec­ond part of the solution…

When cus­tomers like your page or fol­low you on Twit­ter, start con­nect­ing. Thank them for join­ing you. Ask them open-ended ques­tions on a daily basis.

For our Now What Project Web­site we ask ques­tions like:

  • What are your plans for today?
  • What are you sewing today?
  • What are your plans for the weekend?

Notice we aren’t ask­ing when they are going to buy from us again. We love these cus­tomers and we want to get to know them. We like them and they like us.

By doing this, we have estab­lished the first part of the buy­ing process… Like

Remem­ber, they have to like, know, and trust us before they purchase.

We let them into our daily lives and they get to know us – that’s the sec­ond part.

Ask­ing open ended ques­tions help our cus­tomers get use to post­ing on our Face­book Page. We do our best to get them involved as often as pos­si­ble. We turn lurk­ers into active fans.

When they make a pur­chase, they have no prob­lem shar­ing their expe­ri­ence on Face­book and Twit­ter. Our other fans get to see these com­ments and that helps with the third process — trust.

Bing Helps Peo­ple Make Deci­sions Based on Their Friends Decisions

Bing has pro­moted itself as the deci­sion search engine. No longer will your cus­tomer have ques­tions and keep find­ing them­selves lost in more con­fu­sion. When they search on Bing, they find the answers they need.

The lat­est com­mer­cials from Bing show a new way of mak­ing the deci­sion even easier…

What do your friends think?

Now your cus­tomers are going to see their cousin Bobby Jo or their co-worker Sue Ann “liked” a par­tic­u­lar prod­uct or web­site. Great! The deci­sion has become even eas­ier which one to pick out.

The prob­lem…

Store own­ers are not tak­ing advan­tage of this major move­ment in social media.

The solu­tion…

As I  said above, the time is now to start engag­ing with your cus­tomers. Ask them what they think about cer­tain prod­ucts once in awhile. Encour­age fans to speak up about what they think and how they feel.

Pro­mote your Face­book Page by pick­ing out a Face­book Fan of the Week. This let’s your fans know that you care and appre­ci­ate them. Send your spe­cial Fan a gift for being cho­sen. Ask them ques­tions and let other fans get to know them and help to cre­ate relationships.

Google Relies on Social Media to Help Weed Through the Spam

In the begin­ning Google’s search engine was a pop­u­lar­ity con­test. If you had 10 links to your web­site and your com­peti­tor had 100 then they must be way more pop­u­lar than you are. There was a huge prob­lem with this method of rank­ing web­sites, the site with 100 links usu­ally picked them up from some link farm and the site was com­plete garbage.

Google learned over the years the lit­tle tricks of the trade and the spam tech­niques that were being used to “trick the sys­tem.” Today Google makes over 400 algo­rithm changes every year.…that we know of. They are con­stantly tweak­ing and fine tun­ing the algo­rithm to remove the spammy web­sites from the search results.

One way to weed out the garbage is by using Social Media. When you write a great blog arti­cle, peo­ple will tweet about it. When you cre­ate a great video, peo­ple watch it and make com­ments. When you cre­ate great orig­i­nal con­tent that is rel­e­vant to your audi­ence, it will be shared on Face­book, it will be liked, and Google can use this data to deter­mine whether or not your web­site should be ranked in their search engine.

The prob­lem…

Store own­ers aren’t using social media to its full potential.

Social Media Strategy

The solu­tion…

Start with a blog. The blog is going to be the home base oper­a­tion for every­thing that you are doing.

Next find out where your cus­tomers are the most. Depend­ing on their age and pref­er­ences, they may be on Twit­ter more than they are on Face­book. With the new Google + that came out, you may find all your cus­tomers have moved there.

Either way, you need to find out where they are and get on there too. Start talk­ing with them — not sell­ing them.

Build rela­tion­ships with your cus­tomers with edu­ca­tion. Every­one loves to learn new things and if you are pas­sion­ate about what you are doing, then you have some­thing that you can share.

  • How can your cus­tomers do some­thing better?
  • How can your cus­tomers do some­thing easier?
  • How can your cus­tomer do more with what they have?

Is social media really worth the effort?

As you know, I built a store about 5 months ago so that I could show store own­ers what to do AFTER they’ve opened their online store. I have used only social media to grow this business.

I am happy to report that the total sales have exceeded $47,000.

Now What July 15th

This is even after going through this major surgery which has really put me out of com­mis­sion for sev­eral weeks and put us severely behind on sales. Oh, and this last week­end (June 9th) we had 200 peo­ple in our back­yard for our son’s wed­ding. So sales are a lit­tle down :)

So now my ques­tion to you is…

How are you going to up your social media game and con­nect with more cus­tomers? More impor­tantly, how are you going to up your social media game and increase sales?

Sin­cerely,Shawna Seigel

Shawna Seigel
(For­mally Shawna Fen­nell but, I got mar­ried in 2010 on the Fourth of July!) Click To See Pictures



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