To Blog or not to Blog.….

by Stephanie Frasco

blogGuess what?

If you aren’t blog­ging on a reg­u­lar basis, you are miss­ing out on a huge oppor­tu­nity. In the chang­ing busi­ness envi­ron­ment that we live in, miss­ing out on some­thing could mean the dif­fer­ence in earn­ing more money, attract­ing new clients, get­ting more speak­ing gigs, or even that pro­mo­tion you’ve been hop­ing to get.

For many “solo­prenuers” and small busi­ness own­ers, the life and death of your online rep­u­ta­tion can rely on this very sim­ple fact: You must be blogging.

We know that blog­ging increases the bot­tom line of a smaller busi­nesses by increas­ing leads and sales, but what about your per­sonal brand?

Why Is Blog­ging So Impor­tant For Your Pro­fes­sional Success?

This advice is true whether you’re a con­sul­tant, a designer, an accoun­tant, a lawyer, a doc­tor, a real estate agent, a ther­a­pist, a life coach, an author, a pub­lic speaker, or any other pro­fes­sional who’s busi­ness depends on what YOU know. And let’s be hon­est, in many cases, it isn’t WHAT we know but WHO we know that really helps grow our businesses.

What you know and who you know — both affect your per­sonal brand. The best way to strengthen your per­sonal brand is through a strong online pres­ence backed by con­sis­tent blog­ging and social media.

For my pro­fes­sional life, blog­ging has been a key fac­tor in grow­ing my net­work and build­ing my author­ity. With more author­ity comes more trust. And with more trust comes more clients. It’s a sim­ple equation.

How Does Blog­ging Impact Your Authority?

1. Blog­ging Puts Your Name Out There
It’s all about the byline folks. Every time you blog, your name is attached. The more your name is out there, the more peo­ple will start to remem­ber you.

2. Blog­ging Brands You As An Expert
When you blog about indus­try related top­ics, it shows you know what you’re talk­ing about. And because you took the time to write about it, it shows you are ded­i­cated to edu­cat­ing the world around you. It demon­strates that you are capa­ble of pro­vid­ing value.

3. Blog­ging Gets Other Peo­ple Talk­ing About You
If you’re cre­at­ing valu­able con­tent, peo­ple are going to share it, source it, and even link back to it. Talk about a non­stop refer­ral chain!

4. Blog­ging Gets You Found Online 
The more you blog, the more “places” you can be found. And you shouldn’t limit your­self to a restricted list of “tar­get key­words.” Some­times it’s the things that you might not expect that peo­ple res­onate with.

5. Blog­ging Gives You Some­thing To Show Your Clients & Prospects
Have you ever needed that extra push to make the sale? By blog­ging, you can explain dif­fer­ent top­ics from a dif­fer­ent medium. You can show your exper­tise and look more offi­cial to your prospects.

6. Blog­ging Allows You To Answer Com­mon Ques­tions
I’m sure there are tons of ques­tions you get day-after-day. Guess what? Peo­ple are search­ing online for the answer. When you can answer their burn­ing ques­tions imme­di­ately, you earn instant trust.

7. Blog­ging Grows Your Net­work 
This is a no-brainer. When you share your con­tent, peo­ple will be look­ing to you for more con­tent. Start blog­ging and watch your net­work grow!

8. Blog­ging Keeps Your Web­site Fresh
Google is very keen on show­ing results from web­sites that have fresh con­tent. Blog­ging is the best way to keep your web­site con­stantly updated with new, timely con­tent your cus­tomers and prospects will love.

9. Blog­ging Gives Peo­ple A Rea­son To Revisit
There is noth­ing worse than los­ing a vis­i­tor because you haven’t updated your blog. Keep the traf­fic com­ing to your web­site by blog­ging fre­quently and consistently.

10. Blog­ging Asso­ciates Your Name With Indus­try Trends 
When some­one thinks about your indus­try you want them to think about you. Con­sis­tent blog­ging allows you to blog about dif­fer­ent top­ics and trends in the indus­try and keep your name relevant.

Sold on blogging?

Arti­cle by Stephanie Frasco is a lead­ing social media mar­ket­ing consultant. Over the past 7 years, she has worked closely with clients from all over the world to help each of them get more results from online social net­works. Through expe­ri­ence, Stephanie has mas­tered some of the most pow­er­ful social media web­sites. Today, Stephanie pro­vides exclu­sive social media con­sult­ing ser­vices to a hand­ful of global clients. 

Dec 11, 2013 / Blog / Musings

Client Spotlight: Kosher Private Chef

Sharon Beck entered my office three months ago with appre­hen­sion. She self admit­tedly didn’t know much about social media mar­ket­ing. Her only expe­ri­ence was the occa­sional post on her per­sonal face­book page. She never used Insta­gram, Pin­ter­est or Twit­ter and frankly the idea of it made her ner­vous. What she did have was a great domain name ( and a great idea-to offer high end kosher pri­vate chef ser­vices nation­wide. Sharon had an amaz­ing idea, she just needed help get­ting it out there.

Accord­ing to Sharon, her busi­ness is pri­mar­ily a word of mouth busi­ness. A sat­is­fied cus­tomer tells her friend and that friend con­tacts Sharon. After many years of grow­ing through refer­rals, Sharon was ready to grow nation­wide. With all her con­nec­tions through­out the coun­try built through the 20 years of expe­ri­ence in the food indus­try her and her chef hus­band (Jay Beck) share, she knew she could do it.

We started with a logo.…all things start there. She wanted mod­ern, high end, clean just like the ser­vices she plans on offer­ing. We came up with a few choices and she chose this one.

Next we worked on the web­site. We kept it clean and visual because that is how food should be por­trayed. We made sure to add all her new social media icons and her new mail­ing list sign up. In the past Sharon emailed her clients from her pri­vate email the lat­est menu for the hol­i­days. We set her up with, an email mar­ket­ing ser­vice that is far more attrac­tive and pro­fes­sional and keeps track of how many actu­ally opened her email.


I taught Sharon the basics of Facebook/Instagram mar­ket­ing and we launched her new page with an amaz­ing give­away that we knew would get trac­tion. As pre­dicted it brought her sev­eral hun­dred fans and a lot of atten­tion. We con­nected her Insta­gram to face­book so that she could post once and share on face­book. This serves to kill two social birds with one stone. In addi­tion we con­nected face­book to twit­ter so that her twit­ter was being updated with­out any effort. Three social birds with one stone.

Once Sharon got com­fort­able with Insta­gram and Face­book, deli­cious and inter­est­ing images were being posted by her daily. Nat­u­rally she got great feed­back which only embold­ened her fur­ther. I promised her a few months back that if things go well, she will become obsessed with post­ing and shar­ing and Sharon found that to be true. It is a very sat­is­fy­ing feel­ing to share your thoughts and work and have peo­ple take notice. Although Sharon under­stood that grow­ing your fans is a daily job that requires con­stant cre­ativ­ity and effort, the feed­back and inter­est after every pic­ture she posted was encouraging.

Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 11.34.06 AM

Today, only three short months after mak­ing the deci­sion to makeover her logo/website and uti­lize social media, Sharon Beck’s busi­ness is boom­ing. She is get­ting calls from all over the coun­try from Cal­i­for­nia to Miami and every­where in between. She is being approached daily by chef’s from all over the coun­try who are inter­ested in being part of her team. Social Media has changed her busi­ness from being refer­ral based to reach­ing an end­less mar­ket of clients. Her attrac­tive pro­fes­sional site that comes up when peo­ple google Kosher Pri­vate Chef only adds to her cred­i­bil­ity and her attrac­tive posts on Face­book and Insta­gram of all her lat­est dishes entices peo­ple to inquire.

Her next step is to con­tinue build­ing her brand  with cre­ative posts, infor­ma­tive blogs and con­tin­u­ous mar­ket­ing. We wish her and her team all the suc­cess in the world! We know with her pas­sion and culi­nary tal­ents, there is nowhere to go but up.

Insta­gram: @kosherprivatechef


Nov 13, 2013 / Blog / Client Spotlight

A Hollywood Affair


Now that I just fin­ished mak­ing my old­est daughter’s Bat Mitz­vah I would love to share some details of the behind the scenes of what went into design­ing the event, from con­cept to com­ple­tion. My daugh­ter Eliana is very into act­ing so nat­u­rally it felt right to go with the hol­ly­wood theme. I feel it’s very impor­tant when choos­ing a Bar/Bat Mitz­vah theme to go with some­thing that excites the kid.


For me, every­thing starts with a logo. The logo, whether for busi­ness or for an event, sets the tone and even color scheme. Because Eliana starts with an E, the E! Hol­ly­wood logo felt like a per­fect match for me.

I also loved the idea of bring­ing the word Hol­ly­wood into it and it just seemed like a fun fit to change the spelling to HollE­wood with the E logo replac­ing Y.



Next invi­ta­tions! An invite def­i­nitely gives guests a hint of what’s to come. I chose to do a pop up invite that def­i­nitely por­trayed  the feel of the party.


I added cus­tom stamps as a fin­ish­ing touch. Here are the designs for the stamps. I needed 2 stamps because the postage ended up being high. In the future I would design based on what I want to pay for postage…since invite couldn’t bend it meant it was con­sid­ered a par­cel and was charged as such.


I also designed seals to seal the enve­lope. The one I used had the return address writ­ten in the black cir­cu­lar bor­der.


Instead of response cards I opted to do a web­site where peo­ple can rsvp and get to know Eliana. Of course I cus­tomized it to go with my invites and theme. I defi­nately saw that response wise, you have to be more on top of your guests when you have a site. Most for­get to do it. How­ever it def­i­nitely is a nice touch and allows you to share with your guests much more tha an invite allows.

Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 1.38.12 PM





Now that invites and site were done (And it’s best to take care of invites right away as mak­ing lists and gath­er­ing addresses take a long time) it was time to come up with the decor.

I knew I wanted hol­ly­wood colors…red, black, gold. I con­tacted a very tal­ented cen­ter­piece designer named Danielle from party excel­lence and we came up with a game plan.
We decided on Black and red feath­ers in LED vases and cus­tom E! cen­ter­pieces as well as a big “Wel­come to HollE­wood” sign when guests entered and big E! logos on either side of the stage.
I con­tacted Dina from D Squared for the linen and we picked the nicest gold and black vel­vet cloths as well as some cool red leather cloths for buf­fet to add a pop of red. Here is the result.


No Hol­ly­wood theme is com­plete with­out a Step and Repeat com­plete with celebrity cutouts and a red carpet.



Of course it’s also all in the details..Kippas…benchers.…sign in books and a sign in mir­ror (instead of a board) , sun­glasses and a give­away bag mod­eled after the bloom­ing­dales bag with logo ear­buds.




We found a cre­ative way to make even her speech inter­est­ing using a pow­er­point pre­sen­ta­tion to illus­trate her Dvar Torah.
The concept…what if our fore­fa­thers had insta­gram. Here is a link to her speech com­plete with the pow­er­point images.
And here is one of the pow­er­point images depict­ing her Dvar Torah.






The high­light of the night for the kids is the mon­tage. I love mon­tages but often find myself drift­ing off when it’s too long and slow and repet­i­tive. So for my daugh­ters Bat Mitz­vah I was deter­mined to come up with a cre­ative one. I teamed up with my daugh­ters gui­tar teacher Lenny Manzo who hap­pens to be a tal­ented video­g­ra­pher and edi­tor and together we worked months on a mini movie/music video. This is a par­ody of One Direction’s “Best Song Ever” video as well as a par­ody of Icona Pop’s song “We love her”. I was also lucky to have my come­dian friend Elon Gold in it…he was amazing.

Here it is:


Of course the most impor­tant thing at the end of the day is enjoy­ing the night, even if things don’t go per­fectly, and of course the pic­tures! We were lucky to have Jerry Meyer Stu­dio  do our pho­tog­ra­phy and we are thrilled with the results!


And of course match­ing thank you cards for all the gifts are always a great idea!

For more infor­ma­tion on logo, invite and mon­tage cre­ations for your next affair con­tact me any­time. 917–301-2584

Nov 12, 2013 / Blog / Musings

Next Big thing since Google!-Facebook Graph Search

Arti­cle By Kim Garst from Boom Social

Is your busi­ness ready for Face­book Graph Search?

This could be the biggest thing to hit the Inter­net since Google. Seriously!

For your busi­ness, this new search tool rep­re­sents an excit­ing new way for you to find cus­tomers, fol­low­ers and for cus­tomers to find you.

So what is Graph Search?

Graph Search is Facebook’s lat­est fea­ture and it’s being rolled out to users in the com­ing weeks.  Some have it and some are still wait­ing for it to show up. Graph Search will allow users to search through Facebook’s con­tent. It’s a search engine that searches only within Face­book. Unlike Google, results on Face­book will be more spec­i­fied for each user and his or her social network.

The results will be based on three fac­tors: Key­word, Cat­e­gory and Connection.

Key­word  - Sim­i­lar to Google, Face­book will scan all of the con­tent on Face­book for words that match the user’s search terms. Unlike Google, the search results will be lim­ited to Face­book con­tent within the searchers network.

Cat­e­gory - In putting together search results, Face­book will scan the Cat­e­gories that pages use to self-define their busi­ness. This is par­tic­u­larly impor­tant for Busi­ness Face­book Pages.

Con­nec­tion  - This is the key! Face­book will pri­or­i­tize results based on who the searcher knows and who is in their larger net­work. (Friends and friends of friends for exam­ple.) Because we all pre­fer to take rec­om­men­da­tions from peo­ple we know, Face­book will show results based on peo­ple within our net­works and also relate them to location.

I still don’t get it. How does this work?

Let’s say a user searches for “Web Design” on Facebook’s Graph Search. Face­book will scan for the key­words, “Web Design” plac­ing par­tic­u­lar empha­sis on look­ing for busi­nesses that have Web Design listed as their cat­e­gory.  Face­book scans pro­files and pages for likes, check-ins, posts and com­ments. It’s impor­tant to remem­ber that Face­book will only scan within the searchers net­work, so results are lim­ited to pages with a con­nec­tionto the user. Con­nec­tion can relate to phys­i­cal loca­tion or shared con­nec­tions that have liked, com­mented on or oth­er­wise inter­acted with a page.

So how can you get your page ready for Facebook’s Graph Search?  Ded­i­cate some time to updat­ing your Face­book Page. Just fol­low these 7 sim­ple steps — and get ready for cus­tomers to start find­ing you!

1.        Update Your Category

Take a few min­utes to think about how you have cat­e­go­rized your busi­ness. Make sure the cat­e­gory describes what you do as accu­rately as pos­si­ble. Your page cat­e­gory will hold sig­nif­i­cant weight in search results.

2.       Loca­tion, Loca­tion, Location

Graph Search will look at the loca­tion of the searcher in rela­tion to the loca­tion of busi­nesses and other users, giv­ing pri­or­ity to results that are geo­graph­i­cally close by. Make sure you have up-to-date address infor­ma­tion on your Face­book page.

It’s also impor­tant to encour­age your fans and friends to Check In to your busi­ness. This will help boost your rank­ing and the strength of your geo­graph­i­cal location.

3.       Write Your About Sec­tion with Key­words In Mind

When writ­ing the About Sec­tion for your Face­book Page pro­file (see above graphic), think about what key­words your poten­tial clients will be look­ing for. Use as many key­words as pos­si­ble, but make sure the con­tent is coher­ent and reads well. Use words that not only describe what you do, but also relate to spe­cific search terms that you want to link back to your site.

4.       Key­words are Key — Use them in Tags!

Graph Search will look at Tags when ana­lyz­ing results. So Tag pic­tures and write posts using your key­words. Encour­age your cus­tomers or clients to tag your busi­ness as much as pos­si­ble as well. Whether post­ing new pho­tos, links, graphs or video clips, tag them pro­fusely with keywords.

5.       Con­tent

Now that your Face­book con­tent will be search­able, pro­duc­ing infor­ma­tive and com­pelling con­tent on your Face­book page will be much more impor­tant. Post as fre­quently as you can.

Write posts that not only use your key­words, but also will attract likes, com­ments and inter­ac­tions. Give peo­ple con­tent they can use — whether to make them smile and laugh or to help them in their life in some way.

If Face­book sees that peo­ple are inter­act­ing with your page, it will get higher pri­or­ity in Search results. And a larger net­work of fol­low­ers on your page will mean you have a bet­ter chance of show­ing up in results. Each new Like or Fol­low con­nects you to a whole net­work of new poten­tial clients!

6.       Do Your Research.

Facebook’s Graph Search is new! New devel­op­ments will be com­ing out all the time and even the experts are still learn­ing exactly how Graph Search will work and how it can be used to help your busi­ness. Keep read­ing and learn­ing about this new tool to make sure you know how to use it to best help your business.

7.       Get on Early!

One of the best ways to ensure your busi­ness is on board and show­ing up in searches is to start using the tool as soon as pos­si­ble. Face­book is releas­ing Graph Search in Beta ver­sion to users slowly. If you want to be one of the first ones to graph search you can sign up here to join the wait­ing list here:

To sum it all up…

Graph Search is a whole new world and while it may seem daunt­ing, it should be pretty sim­ple to learn to use. Keep in mind the three keys — Key­words, Cat­e­gory and Con­nec­tions — and you will mas­ter it in no time.

This new tool has incred­i­ble oppor­tu­nity to help your cus­tomers (and their friends — and their friends’ friends) find you!

Most suc­cess­ful busi­nesses know that the best kind of adver­tis­ing is word of mouth — and Face­book Graph Search allows you to incor­po­rate the power of per­son­al­ized rec­om­men­da­tions with the large scale of social media.

Feb 4, 2013 / Blog

The Logo Design Process

An apple with a bite out of it is instantly rec­og­niz­able — but deliv­er­ing a logo with such iconic poten­tial is more com­pli­cated than sim­ply going from A to B. In fact, the road to a killer logo is often times a windy path.

Take a look at this great info­graphic out­line of the logo process, cour­tesy of Guru Cor­po­ra­tion.

For me cre­at­ing a logo is more com­plex than cre­at­ing an ad…or even a web site.

At the out­set, the job is inves­tiga­tive; with detec­tive hats on, I research, ask ques­tions, ana­lyze the tar­get audi­ence, scru­ti­nize com­peti­tors, and brain­storm. The process then moves from fac­tual to con­cep­tual, with cre­ative inspi­ra­tion com­ing from any num­ber of sources until it finds its way to paper. Enter the design elements—think color, font, and scale—and boom: a fleshed-out fin­ished prod­uct awaits client approval (or revisions).

It’s far from easy, and may involve a few all-nighters. But hey — Rome wasn’t built in a day… and nei­ther is a world-class brand.


Dec 27, 2012 / Blog

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