I learned a valu­able les­son today, one that I always knew. One that I con­stant­ly advise my clients on a reg­u­lar basis.

PROOFREAD and then PROOFREAD again. And when you are done…show it to some­one else and have them proof­read. Do not trust your writer, your design­er or even your­self. Let at least 3 sep­a­rate eyes view your mate­r­i­al because we are only human and mis­takes do hap­pen. Even mis­takes that spellcheck will not catch, like a word spelled right but mis­used.

Now I con­sid­er myself a decent writer and though there are a few words I tend to mis­spell reg­u­lar­ly, I am an above aver­age speller. I think my gram­mar is decent. And I gen­er­al­ly am very metic­u­lous and look things over sev­er­al times to make sure every­thing is per­fect.

But alas…even in my own mar­ket­ing mate­r­i­al I erred…and I did so because I did not take my own advice. I showed it to no-one. I sim­ply designed it and sent it off to print and print­ers do not spell check ever. Almost a year lat­er a kind per­son final­ly point­ed out my mis­take and as a Graph­ic Design­er whose own mate­r­i­al pro­mot­ing myself should be per­fect, I was hor­ri­fied. That for almost a year not one per­son point­ed it out means either this error slid by, or it was noticed and no one was kind enough to let me know. It makes me appre­ci­ate the times when I do share some­thing on face­book and I get a mes­sage, some­times even from a near stranger, with a cor­rec­tion.
Nev­er­the­less, the cost of reprint­ing my mar­ket­ing mate­r­i­al is noth­ing com­pared to how dis­ap­point­ed I am with myself for not hav­ing some­one else care­ful­ly proof­read my own ad.

So les­son learned the hard way! And I now have a sto­ry to share with my clients that will prove to them that you can nev­er be too vig­i­lant.

Below is the ver­sion with the mis­take. Can you find it? It is so obvi­ous to me now which shows how easy it is to miss some­thing cru­cial.



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