Day 3-The End!

They say that if your kid hates a cer­tain food you should just keep serv­ing it until the kid acquires a taste for it. I think there are even grown up foods like cof­fee, sushi, wine that you need to try sev­er­al times until you get accus­tomed to the taste and then you can’t live with­out it.

Day 2 Juicing-Almost there!

Okay, last night was hard. After drink­ing my 9pm almond date mix­ture I went to sleep full only to feel that aching gnaw­ing hunger pain at 3am. But when I woke 2.5 lbs lighter (I know, I know, it’s water weight) I was very pleased. In fact I felt quite ener­getic. 8am-Had cof­fee and my

Day One Juicing-I survived

So after a month long binge fest at some of the finest Kosher estab­lish­ments in NY, I need­ed to detox. Juic­ing is all the rage so nat­u­ral­ly I turned to face­book to ask for guid­ance which led me to this brook­lyn local called “The Jus Bar” (com­ing soon to the Five Towns) where they spe­cial­ize

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