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Sep 6, 2012 / Gallery


by Michal Weinstein

So I know I am not a fashion blogger and my blogs focus more on things related to MLWDESIGN or my day to day experiences…but this morning when reading the Post, I came across an article in the style section that caught my eye.

Titled Red Carpet Rebel this article glorifies this woman Jenna Lyons (whom I personally never heard of before) fashion sense and claims all the ladies will be copying her come Fashion Week.

Jenna Lyons, to those as unfamiliar as I was, is the creative director of J. Crew…not exactly a brand I consider so fashion forward. Supposedly Jenna did a few creative things with J. Crew that made her into a fashion personality. So kudos to her on that.

However, the Post than shows several pictures of Jenna touting her incredible style and when I saw them, frankly I was shocked. It reminded me of  this cartoon:

Here’s a few of the looks the Post admires.

Can you say…I just rolled out of bed and threw on top of my boyfriends button down my grandmas old shirt from the 80’s….

Now I cut up grandmas shirt and threw on a pair of  my boyfriends army pants he wore when he was 9 years old for halloween.

My perfectly sexy outfit was too boring so I threw on a few jackets on top and found a florescent bag to make  myself seem cool.

No I’m not a dork…I wear orange lipstick to offset these glasses.

Check me out…if Sharon Stone can wear a GAP turtleneck to the oscars  than I can throw on a denim jacket over my satin skirt and look hot.  And don’t you just love the white trim I added making this even more modest….

Look how versatile my denim jacket is girls?  From oscar to the streets! And don’t I look cool wearing an overcoat over my denim over my unticked t-shirt with a red coming from nowhere belt? (don’t forget to clip on your keys…very ghetto)

Finally…it’s ok to wear lots of leopard! The more the better! And even though you may never think of putting gray with it, trust me…gray is fabulous with leopard simply because it does not match so it’s unexpected.

Now tell me the truth….if anyone, and I mean anyone else were caught with some of these looks they’s make it into “What were they thinking” section in People Magazine yet somehow Jenna has managed to not only pull these off, but get socialites to copy her. Amazing!
This brings to mind the famous story “The Emperors new clothes” where everyone had to oooh and ahhh over something completely non-existant.  I do wonder if Jenna is secretly chuckling at everyone.

Anyway, that’s my take on Jenna’s fashion sense. If you like it and want to dress like her …just close your eyes and grab 8 things from your closet.  Put them together and there you go…a perfectly Jenna inspired look..

Sep 4, 2012 / Blog / Musings

Making Central Avenue Look Good!

I love having local clients for many reasons. I love personally getting to know my clients and developing a relationship with them. I love the fact that
I not only know their target audience, I am their target audience. I love being able to see my clients growth. And I love being available to them when they need me, even for a quick meeting. For me there is nothing that compares to a local client and I am grateful to each and every one who gave me a chance to service them and who in turn recommended me to their friends.

Central Avenue, my neighborhoods main street, is home to many of my clients. I often pop in to check up and talk shop. Sometimes it makes my excursion to town longer than I thought it would be, but I enjoy it, even if it’s for a quick hello.

Come “walk” with me down Central and check out a few of my favorite clients. (Three more central ave. clients are in the works…looking forward to those jobs!)

Kiss and Makeup is an amazing store on Central that sells makeup, beauty products, jewelry and more. They also provide laser hair removal, eye brow shaping and spray tan services. This store is so fun to walk into and impossible to leave without picking something up. K&M was also one of my very first local clients who put their trust in me to create their website. I am so happy to see how popular their site kissandmakeupny.com is.

What can I say about Breezy’s, formerly Ketzys. Breezy, owner, has been a client of mine for years and it has been a pleasure. She’s so creative and hard working. Her store sells fine giftware and offers classes in topics such as cake decorating, cake pop making etc. Breezy’s also sells kosher baking embellishments supplies and bar none has the best packaging in the Five Towns with her black box, poka dot ribbon and wax seal.  I’ve been doing her ads for years and later her website www.breezysny.com and recently I was involved in her new cookbook launching soon.  I love seeing her business grow and even recently made my daughters cupcake party at her store. It was great!

The Levi Yitzchak Library  is a very special place on Central. Created in memory of Levi Yitchak, a special 9 year old boy who loved to read, this library was a labor of love and a place all children enjoy hanging out in. I helped with their social media and advertising and really enjoyed working with the wonderful people there.

I always loved the concept of this company where they consign your designer clothes on ebay. When they contacted me to help them with their logo/website/social media it was completely up my alley. (Fashion is how I started) I loved revamping their look with a new logo. There site shopteoc.com came out just as I envisioned and the best news is that they moved to Central Ave. and look great! Walking in to their store feels like you are walking into your very fashionable friends closet.

Elena, a very popular makeup artist with her own line of makeup, wanted a site that will service all her clients who are constantly ordering her products via phone. In addition, as a makeup artist, she wanted to have her bio up as well. It was a pleasure creating makeupessentialsonline.com website and facebook page.

The best thing I got out of working with Warren Levi Karate, a fitness center that has the best bootcamp classes anywhere,   was the fact that I joined and have been their regular client for almost three years! I helped create their website as well as marketing material and of course became good friends with the Warren Levi family along the way.

This new store on central is a great concept. They personalize everything…from robes, to wipe cases, to bags etc. I helped with their social media and print design and look forward to creating their new logo.

One of the most beautiful baby furniture and accessory stores you have ever seen, I helped create their website petitepram.com  which has a built in registry.

Oh the fun I had with Alyssa from 100% Kids! This store has the best kids to adult clothing in town and it was a blast creating the website 100percentkids.com as well as their very successful facebook page. I also was involved in many of their contests including the model search contest. Kids fashion is how I started my web design career so this job was great! We are in the process of finalizing their NEW logo!

Another beautiful store with beautiful things. It always helps when your client represents such fabulosity! It was a blast creating their website lagoonlinens.com as well as their successful facebook page. (and blog!)

One of my newer clients, Koko Fitclub is a brilliant concept as it’s the first automated training system.  Coming this Fall in Cedarhurst and Hewlett it sounds like a great solution for those who want personal training at a fraction of the cost. Currently I am involved in their facebook, social media marketing strategies.

Another stunning store on Central that sells high end lingerie, robes and more. Their gorgeous site is in the works and I love how their facebook page came out!

A great concept! Fitness center for kids! I was involved in creating great ads for them promoting their birthday party services.

Last but most certainly not least is my favorite photographers who have been in business for decades. I updated their website http://jerrymeyerstudio.com and have been their ad designer for years.  Their facebook page will soon get a makeover as well!

So that’s most of my Central clients. Stay tuned for the three more on the way! And if you are local and love the idea of a local designer, call me at 917-301-2584 for a free estimate..

Sep 4, 2012 / Blog / Musings