Read before jumping into Social Media!

by Brad Smith Busi­ness­es shouldn’t rush into social media. Because hav­ing no social media pres­ence at all is bet­ter than hav­ing a bad one. Just because some­thing is pop­u­lar or trendy doesn’t mean you need to do it. It all depends on your unique sit­u­a­tion. Here are 3 ques­tions you need to answer before jump­ing

Facebook is Easy if You Master These 2 Tips

Face­book is quite sim­ple. Work hard to build your audi­ence and then engage them. Since most busi­ness­es are not doing this, we thought it best to reit­er­ate the 2 things small busi­ness­es need to focus on when mar­ket­ing online to build a Face­book pres­ence. 1. Build your Face­book page with rel­e­vant and tar­get­ed peo­ple. It’s

Write a blog post that people want to read

Most blog­gers write to be read. If that’s your aim, you must cre­ate con­tent that your audi­ence loves read­ing. Here are five meth­ods to write blog posts your read­ers will love: 1. Think Bite-Size Blog posts come in all shapes and sizes. It’s not length that mat­ters but the val­ue of the infor­ma­tion you share.

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