What makes a KICK BUTT business card?

A well-designed busi­ness card can help boost your busi­ness and brand aware­ness. For exam­ple, have you ever won­dered why some busi­ness cards get saved while oth­ers do not? What makes a poten­tial client pay atten­tion to a busi­ness card over all the oth­ers? Per­haps it’s the per­son giv­ing the card, or the product/service they pro­vide.


Is it pos­si­ble to NOT have haters? And if so…what is the secret for­mu­la to liv­ing a hater free life? Well, in my short (or long, how­ev­er you want to look at it) 36 years I’ve encoun­tered my fair share of haters. I’ve seen haters in action more times than I can count and I

My Fantasy Passover Guest

Recent­ly I was hired by Jewcier.com to cre­ate an image depict­ing “The Last Sup­per” but with a twist. The table would be a seder table and would seat famous Celebri­ty Jews whom we would love to have as guests. I found this job quite fun to do and here is the result: Now with­out a

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