NEW Facebook Timeline for Brands Are On The Way!

Facebook has officially announced Timeline for brand pages after dangling the carrot in front of page admins for some time now. The pages will be pushed live to everyone on March 30, but for now, you have some time to preview the new look and review your page before the changes take effect.

When Facebook switched to this timeline format for my personal profile, at first I didn’t like it. It’s always hard getting used to new things when you are quite satisfied with how it worked before. If it aint broke, why fix it?
Within days I forgot what the old profiles looked like and I began to appreciate the new format and addition of a “cover” image.
Now Facebook is unrolling this new look to pages and no doubt it will change everything.
Companies will now have a prime spot to promote themselves with the “cover” feature that provides an immediate visual impact.

Another incredible addition is the ability for fans to message companies directly. I always wondered why that was lacking.
I like that you can pin a post on the top of your page for up to 7 days which allows important messages such as a sale to remain highlighted.  There is another feature that allows you to star a post causing it to take up the entire width of the page.
And finally the new layout makes your Facebook page much more user friendly and intuitive for admins, especially the novices.
Overall I am happy with this new Facebook development and look forward to helping all my clients and future clients  make their facebook page look as incredible as ever!

And fear not, nervous admins and traditionalist users: Page administrators have until March 30 to curate their new profiles, then the revamp goes live for everyone.

Do you think Facebook Timeline brand Pages will be successful for organizations? Let us know in the comments
To learn about new facebook pages go to: http://www.learnfacebookpages.com/
To get a custom Facebbok page design quote call me at 917-301-2584.

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A Tribute to Moms! Behind the scenes…

So this is a story that only happens to me. It’s 11pm on a tuesday night and my dear friend Leora Mishan calls to ask me what I’m doing tomorrow.
“uhhh…working?” I answer.
“Can you play a mom in a Charlie Harari video?” She asks.

She explains that the producers are in desperate need for a mom and she needs to be available from 9am -7pm the next day. She assured me that it’s not a speaking part, just everyday actions that Moms do and that it’s a tribute to Moms. And Oh yeah, Wissotsky Tea is sponsoring it.

I say I’d consider and by midnight I’m on the phone with Margelit Hoffman, wife and partner to Shmuel Hoffman who also directed of the famous “Disconnect to Connect” video that went viral. (See it here)

“Do you have any kids and would you let them be in the video and do you own a wig and modest clothes?” She asks.
Kids, I have and I suppose a day off of school for an experience is worthwhile. Modest clothes, I can pull together but a wig?

I text my old friend Yali from Yali’s Wigs and surprisingly she is up at this late hour and agrees to loan me a wig early the next day.

I wake my kids up their usual 6:30am but instead of rushing them to the bus I tell them that today they get to be in a video. Naturally they were pleased. I call hubbie who was in Taiwan to make sure he’s ok with me portraying another man’s wife and after assuring him the video will not go viral and no one will recognize me (all ploys to get him to say yes) he agreed.  Margalit shows up at 8am to raid my closet and in the end a Teri Jon ivory dress was just right and fit the modest bill. By 9am I was getting fitted for a wig and by 10am, family and housekeeper in tow, we were in the beautiful home of the Stahlers shooting the video.

I marveled at how just 12 hours earlier I had no clue the next day would be this “interesting”. I like when life brings you good surprises and adventures.

My kids were angels, patiently hanging out between sets. I got a taste of what actors go through, albeit on a teeny tiny scale. But it really is work! My favorite was driving carpool with Shmuel curled up in a ball on the passenger floor directing us with the video camera taped to my dashboard. The Shabbat table scene was fun too and like my real table, my three year old wouldn’t sit still so I had to hold her. I also loved when Moishe, Shmuel and Margelit’s little boy, wiped his face after I kissed him goodnight (you can see that on the video). I don’t blame him.

Overall it was a fun experience and I am thrilled with the result of the talented work of the Hoffman’s. Charlie Harari did a great job with the narrative and making all the kids feel comfortable around the fake shabbat table (he even asked them to say some Dvar Torah’s).

Watching this really did make me realize just how amazing all of us moms are. So here’s to the mother! Every single one of us!

View video here:


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Library Event Ad


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Lagoon Linen Ad


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Bitz of Glitz Ad


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