A Tribute to Moms! Behind the scenes…

So this is a sto­ry that only hap­pens to me. It’s 11pm on a tues­day night and my dear friend Leo­ra Mis­han calls to ask me what I’m doing tomor­row. “uhhh…working?” I answer. “Can you play a mom in a Char­lie Harari video?” She asks. “uhhh…what?” She explains that the pro­duc­ers are in des­per­ate need

Most Ironic Story Evah!!!!!

(Writ­ten May 11 2012) So a week ago I get an email from Kiss & Make­up telling me that as a thank you they want to give me and a select few, a free Eye­brow Shap­ing and gift on May 11. I’m thinking…that’s so nice! Maybe because I’m their web design­er and they appre­ci­ate all

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