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Nov 22, 2011 / Facebook / Gallery

Buying your “Fans”

They say money can’t buy you love….but in facebookland money, or great prizes, can buy you friends.

Facebook Fan Giveaways and promotions are all the rage and with good reason. Unless you are living under a rock, you know that Facebook is rated as one among the top 2 sites in the world.  As Facebook comes with advanced infrastructure to promote brands and  businesses, many businesses are coming forward to invest a portion of their profit in social media marketing and this reduces the time they have to concentrate on SEO. As Facebook offers businesses a possibility to own a fan page where all the customers can assemble and interact with the brand as well as fellow customers, focus is being given to getting maximum number of likes for the pages. Corporations are beginning to realize that this one of the best ways to capitalize on the business and develop novel ideas to engage actively with customers.

Facebook fans contribute greatly towards making any brand a grand success. So, one brand’s inability to get a large amount of likes for its fan page gives its competitors an advantage.  The influence and presence you are capable of creating by using fan pages is truly unbelievable. Facebook fans are also important because through them the businesses get instant feedback on products and hence can work on improving the services and products according to consumers’ expectations.

As a result the fans are benefitting too. It seems as if everyday there is another great raffle or contest where the cost to participate is from $0 to a simple share. It’s effortless and can possibly lead to a nice prize.

There are three ways to get to the targeted fans. The simple and inexpensive way is to use Facebook search and recommend your page to people with the same interest. After this the page needs to appeal to your fans so that they stay loyal to the page and recommend the page to their friends. The other way is to invest a small amount in targeted advertising through which people all over the world will be informed of your business. The third is through encouraging your existing fans to share the page with their friends and there is no better way than by offering an incentive.

Below are a few of mlwdesign’s clients who have successfully utilized the giveaway method as a means of getting more fans: (feel free to fan because hey, you never know…)


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